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Your guys are doing a great job for ABI. I’m so thankful we reached out to your company for assistance.

Diane Browne
Vice President
Anaheim Band Instruments, Inc.

We learned of Rezitech through a personal reference. When we reached out to Rezitech for assistance we were experiencing a variety of problems with our technology, Emails, internet and programs that were not working consistently. Each of which were having random problems at the worst possible time…when you need them for business. The response times of our previous support lagged tremendously, even though they “remote monitored” our systems 24 hours a day. In many cases they had no idea we were having problems unit we notified them! The “fixes” began to take forever and the information we received regarding these events were sketchy at best…

The minute Rezitech began supervision of our systems things immediately improved.

Our systems reliability was no longer in question!
…emails, internet and programming work when you need it, any time you need it.

Travis and his staff have been a pleasure to work with and are trusted resource as well. Knowing how we use our systems and how to best use them has been a real strength of theirs.

They have been able to solve all of the glitches we previously had in a short amount of time.

Their ability to asses and correct situation is first rate. They provide solid communication every step of the way which is reassuring and adds the confidence the problem is being handled well.

In many cases Rezitech, if a problem has occurred, they have remotely detected the issue and have solved problem with our system before we even knew one existed.

Rezitech has saved us time, trouble and as well as money. All of which are extremely valuable in this economy!

Rezitech is a first class organization and I highly recommend them. You will be thankful you chose them.

Director Of Operations
All American Crane Maintenance

Prestige Property Services, Inc. is delighted to work with Rezitech, they have a friendly staff who are always there to help with any technical questions. The times we have required assistance with our files or software, they have proven to be thorough, knowledgeable and resourceful. Furthermore, they are always willing to work with us to find a solution to be more efficient in our day to day activities. It is a pleasure to work with them since they offer an array of services that enable us to save time and money when looking for a particular product or service.

Prestige Property Services would highly recommend Rezitech for their professionalism and because they go beyond our IT expectations.

Thanks for all that you do,

Jeff Buchholz
President & CEO
Prestige Property Services, Inc.
Anaheim Hills, California

After having experienced very unreliable tech service previously, it was refreshing and reassuring to have Rezitech take over the oversight and maintenance of our office technology.

I admit to being totally computer illiterate and often have to describe problems like “the little thingy on the screen that goes round and round”. But the staff at Rezitech has been very patient and helpful and seems to be able to decipher my code to get issues resolved and keep our business running smoothly.

Being able to make one phone call to solve problems with hardware and software is very efficient for us. We needed reliable, knowledgeable and efficient service and we have found that and more in Rezitech.

Tim and Jane Peffly
Tim Peffly Dental